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The Global Finance Association (GFA), a non-profit organization, is a network of academics and financial services communities worldwide. The Association sponsors annual meetings of the Global Finance Conference (GFC). The mission of both GFA and GFC is to foster research and scholarly work by providing forums for finance professionals to debate, exchange ideas, disseminate and to advance the education, learning, and practice of global financial economics.


The Conference represents the culmination of many years of planning by the editorial board of the Global Finance Journal (GFJ) and the program committees of the Conference. The Conference strives to improve the global financial education and research through collaborative efforts among educators, practitioners, and public policy makers. The Conference solicits innovative ideas and research studies in global finance and related disciplines. Each year, the best papers presented at the Conference are “conditionally” accepted for publication in GFJ.

The 30th Annual Global Finance Conference will be held at Prosecco-Wine Lands, Italy, June 12-14, 2023.


Craig Professor of Global Business – FINANCE  
Craig School of Business, California State University-Fresno
Founding Editor, Global Finance Journal
Executive Director, Global Finance Association - Conference

Curriculum Vitae


Manuchehr Shahrokhi is a Craig Fellow Professor of Global Business–FINANCE at Craig School of Business–California State University-Fresno. Prior to joining Cal State, he taught at The Ohio State, Franklin, and Ohio Dominican in Ohio. Professor Shahrokhi has taught at Harvard University for seven years and many others as visiting professor, including, Austria University of Technology in Vienna, University for Business & Technology in Kosovo; Cal State East Bay-Russian Academy of Economic Sciences (joint EMBA program) in Moscow, Russia (3 times) He has also taught MBA courses in finance and International finance for Craig Summer Program in Dijon, France and Brussels, Belgium. As of 2019, he is on CSU Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP). Professor Shahrokhi is also a visiting professor at University of California, Merced, teaching graduate courses in finance for the Management of Innovation, Sustainability and Technology (MIST) graduate group in the School of Engineering. 

Dr. Shahrokhi is author/co-author of 80+ books and refereed journal articles and proceedings including the Journal of Managerial Finance, International Journal Finance, Journal of Financial Research, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Managerial Finance, Global Finance Journal, American Business Review, and Journal of Product and Brand Management; Praeger Publishing, Harvard University Printing-Publishing Services, McGraw-Hill Publishing, and Premier Publishing Corporation.


Professor Shahrokhi founded the Global Finance Journal (1989) and, as Editor, turned it into a leading refereed publication worldwide. The GFJ's editorial board is the 'Who's Who' in Global Finance. Over 500 manuscripts have been published in the GFJ. As of 2017, he severs as founding editor of the Journal.


Professor Shahrokhi also founded the Global Finance Association-Conference in 1994 and serves as President/Executive Director. The past 29th annual conferences, sponsored by more than 500+ institutions, have brought together thousands of leading scholars including Nobel Laureates and practitioners representing 500+ institutions worldwide. Featured speakers at the conferences include Nobel Laureates, President of the WTO, Chicago Stock Exchange, and prominent scholars and corporate executives. The past ten Conferences have been held in Frankfurt, Germany, Dublin, Ireland, Rio, Brazil, Melbourne, Australia, Hangzhou, China, Poznan, Poland, Bangkok, Thailand, Chicago, USA, Monterey, California, Dubai, UAE, China, Fresno, New York, Paris, France, and Zagreb, Croatia, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal. The 30th Annual Conference hosted by the International University of Monaco and Foscari University in Venice, Italy, shall be held at Prosecco-Wine Lands, Italy June 12-14, 2023. 


Further, Professor Shahrokhi serves on the editorial board member of, Journal of Management and Economics, International Journal of Finance, International Journal of Business, Knowledge Management, and Journal of Risk Management.


Prior to joining academia, Dr. Shahrokhi served as CEO and CFO/Executive VP of Commercial of three largest manufacturing, industrial and trading companies in the Middle East and over seven years as senior analyst for the National Iranian Oil & Gas Company.  Dr. Shahrokhi has extensive experience in business consultancy in the area of Financial Economics, Global Business, Financial Planning-Structuring, Financial Engineering, Feasibility Studies, Business Valuation, and Forensic Economics.  A select list of client/cases include, Rug Doctor Corp, Pacific Resources, Orlopp Turkey Farms, A-OK Produce, Georgeson & Belardenalli Law firm, Spencer Enterprises, Chatue Meil, Inc, California Consortium for Agricultural Export, an EB-5 project – enables foreign investors to emigrate to the United States by investing $500K-$1 million -- acquisition and development in agriculture/farming in Central California, Deli Delicious Restaurants, developed financial and franchising plans. AIF Opportunity Fund, Amerisport Products.


Dr. Shahrokhi, also founder/owner of California Asset Management, LLC, a Real Estate Development Company in Central California – acquisition, development, renovation, and management of single family residential and multifamily properties.  The company has a full crew of architectural, civil engineers, contractors, and manages, managing 20+ real estate projects, with a market value of $6+ million.


Dr. Shahrokhi has a bachelor’s degree in business administration (Accounting) from Tehran Business School, MBA in Finance & Investment from the George Washington University, and Ph.D. in Business Administration (International Business–FINANCE) from the Ohio State University.  He played soccer and has coached junior soccer teams. He enjoys family, reading, writing, and world travel.

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