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30th Annual Global Finance Conference Program


Monday 12th of June 2023

Session A01: Global information in finance

Session Chair: Navendu Prakash

The productivity paradox of information technology: Empirical evidence from the BRICS and European banking systems

Navendu Prakash, Shveta Singh, Seema Sharma

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The Capital Supply Channel in Peer Effects: The Case of SEOs

Yi Jiang

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A Global Comparison of Consumer Reporting Agencies based on Data Utilization in Credit Scoring

Christian Sturm, Ralf Wandmacher, Yvonne Thorhauer

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Varieties of Political Connections and Resource Allocation:  Evidence from China

Adam Yao Liu

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Session A02: Banking and Financial Markets

Session Chair: Paul Bochmann

Competition and economic efficiency in emerging banking markets: Evidence from the BRICS region

Bhavya Srivastava

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Evaluating the impact of dividend restrictions on euro area bank market values

Paul Bochmann

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Brand Innovation and Trading Activities in Financial Markets

Sahn-Wook Huh

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Funding cost and bank liquidity creation: Evidence from USA

Dung Viet Tran, Ashraf Khan, Hassan Kabir

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Session A03: Corporate Governance

Session Chair: Manuchehr Shahrokhi

New boards and dividend payments in banks 

Sabina Nowak, Urszula Mrzygłód, Dorota Skała, Laurent Weill

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Does board diversity have an impact on the discount anomaly?

Nitin Deshmukh, Samirah Jugoo

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Session A04: Does Sustainability Pay?

Session Chair: Ali Fatemi

Does it Pay to be Vegan?  A Study into the Stock Market Performance Characteristics of Vegan food industry in the United States.

Binam Ghimire

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Does Greenwashing Pay? A Theoretical Model

Iraj Fooladi, Ali Fatemi

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Portfolio Allocation and Optimization with Carbon Offsets: Is it Worth the While?

Patrick Behr , Carsten Mueller, Papa Orgen

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Session A05: Social inequality in Finance

Session Chair: Raffaele Corvino

Skills, Education and Wealth Inequality:the Financial Investments Channel

Raffaele Corvino, Elisa Castagno, Francesco Ruggiero

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Social finance and poverty: the role of social impact bonds

Pedro Verga Matos, Tania P. Christopoulos

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The Effect of Income Inequality on Stock Market Participation: Evidence from US  Households and the Adoption of the Medicaid Expansion Under the Affordable Care Act

Maria Vivero, Jared DeLisle

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Inequality Led Instability

George Vachadze

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Session A06: Finance in different parts of the World

Session Chair: Lawrence Ngalim

Private Equity Industry in Africa: Firm Survival and Growth

Lawrence Ngalim, Asli Togan Egrican

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Pricing Efficiency of ETFs-Study of ETFs in Indian Stock Market

Sapar Rao, Suhas Harinarayan

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Stock pledging, political connections & firm characteristics: Evidence of listed firms from India

Ajay Kumar Mishra, Kousik Ganguly, Bhavik Parikh

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The nexus between Ownership structure, Capital Structure, Agency Cost and Firm Performance: Evidence from India

Vibha Tripathi

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Session A07: Social Media Communication & Finance

Session Chair: Yuqi Han

Tweeting in the Dark: Corporate Communication and Information Diffusion

Isabella Wolfskeil

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Does Social Media Analyst Coverage Affect IPO Underpricing?

Yuqi Han, Chi Zhang

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Data Breaches (Hacking) and Trade Credit

Amanjot Singh

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Distance Lending & Social Connectedness

Ankitkumar Kariya, Chhavi Shekhawat

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Session A08: Pre / post 2008 crisis

Session Chair:

Profitability of US Small Banks pre-during-post 2008 Financial Crisis: Evidence from Ratio Analysis

Rasoul Rezvanian, Seyed Mehdian, Kevin Jaklin

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The Cost Efficiency of US small banks after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis

Rasoul Rezvanian, Mussie Teclezion

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Bankruptcy Filings, Reforms in Bankruptcy Law, and Stock Price Crash Risk of Non-bankrupt firms

Jagannath MVK, Radha M. Ladkani

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Tail risk connectedness among GCC banks episodes from the Global Financial Crisis to COVID-19 pandemic

Aktham Maghyereh, Hussein Abdoh

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Determinants of Corporate Cash Holdings: A Critical Review

Prateek Bedi, C.P Gupta

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