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31st Annual Global Finance Conference Program


Tuesday 18th of June 2024

Session A01:

Session Chair: Alphin T Kallany, Thenmozhi  M

Does Political Ownership Affect Related Party Transactions? Evidence from Indian State-Owned Enterprises

Alphin T Kallany, Thenmozhi  M

Bond Investors' Trading Horizon and the Cost of Debt

Liting Chiu

Board of Directors' Cultural Proximity and Investment Efficiency of Multinational Corporations

Angie Wang

Session A02: Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibilities, and Ethics

Sustainable Banking Practices: A Bibliometric Analysis of Trends, Themes, and Influential Factors in Disclosures by Banks

Arshdeep Singh, Naveen Kumar

Navigating backers’ motivation: Exploring the nuances between commercial and social crowdfunding initiatives

Joanna Adamska-Mieruszewska, Urszula Mrzygłód

Session A03: Real Estate Finance /REITs, Crowdfunding, International RE & Alternative

Session Chair: Alain Coen, Aurélie Desfleurs

Geopolitical Risk and the Dynamics of REITs Returns

Alain Coen, Aurélie Desfleurs

Reverse Mortgages, Housing and Consumption: An Equilibrium Approach

Ariel Sun, Jialu Shen, Shize LI

The Impact of Costco’s Relocation on Land Prices in an Urban Area

Andres Jauregui, Mohammadali Fallah, Jacquelin Curry

Session A04: Global Energy & Environment Issues

Session Chair: Urvashi Khandelwal

Internal Carbon Pricing and Firm Performance

Urvashi Khandelwal

Harnessing the Wind: The Impact of Wind Turbine Proximity on Sustainable Investment Choices 

Jan Winkelmann

Banks and Fossil Fuel Financing. The Mitigation Role of Internal Policies and Strategic Alliances

Mauro Aliano, Giuliana Birindelli, Helen Chiappini

Session A05: 

Session Chair: Kenneth Tah, Soumik Kundu

The Effect of Exchange Rate on P/E Ratio

Kenneth Tah, Soumik Kundu

An Emission Factor in Corporate Bond Returns and the COP21

Mathis Leifhelm, Christian Klein, Peter Scholz

Bank desertification and individual’s financial well-being

Paola Bongini, Donatella Baiardi, Doriana Cucinelli, Emanuela Rinaldi

Session A06: Global Pandemic – Global Health Issues and Impacts

Session Chair: Lingbo Shen

Team versus individual: Evidence from financial analysts during COVID-19 pandemic

Lingbo Shen

Corporate dividend policy and special state aid in the time of COVID-19

Katarzyna Schmidt-Jessa, Marta Kluzek

Subjective Well-Being of Chief Executive Officers and Its Impact on Stock Market Volatility During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Agent Based Model Perspective

Marcin Rzeszutek, Jorgen Vitting Andersen, Adam Szyszka, Szymon Talaga

COVID Intensity, Resilience and Expected Returns

Elham Daadmehr

Session A07: Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibilities, and Ethics

Session Chair: Arash Faizabad, Claudia Champagne, Mohammad Refakar

Corruption, Institutional Quality, Covid-19 Pandemic and Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions (CBM&As) Activity: A Country-level Analysis

Arash Faizabad, Claudia Champagne, Mohammad Refakar

Does Corruption-related Disclosure Trigger Market Discipline Mechanisms? An Empirical Analysis in the Banking Sector of the GIPSI Countries

Pablo de Andrés, Salvatore Polizzi, Enzo Scannella, Nuria Suárez

Searching for possible Causal effects between cash payments and electronic payments on a country’s GDP

Andrea Birigozzi, Cristina De Silva, Prabesh Luitel

Academic directors and corporate violations: evidence from China

Yue Cheng, Sunil Poshakwale, Wasim Ahmad

Session A08: Global Financial Crises, Imbalances

Session Chair: Rebel Cole, Brian Silverstein

Reaching for Yield by Commercial Banks

Rebel Cole, Brian Silverstein

Systemic Risk from Overlapping Portfolios: A Multi-Objective Optimization Framework

Alessandro Sulas, Dietmar Maringer, Sandra Paterlini

Rollover Risk and Systemic Risk Exposure of Shadow Banks

Rajdeep Sharma, V. Ravi Anshuman

Session A09: Green Finance, ESG Investments, Climate risks and financial stability

Session Chair: Amelie Schischke, Andreas Rathgeber

Spillover effects in energy markets

Amelie Schischke, Andreas Rathgeber

Return connectedness between energy commodity and stock markets: New evidence from 31 energy sector companies in Europe

Małgorzata Just, Krzysztof Echaust, Agata Kliber

Investigating the Effect of Green Finance Initiatives on Renewable Energy Penetration in Europe

Tibor Szendrei, Andrea Eross, Mustapha Wasseja, Erkal Ersoy

Session A10: Moving Towards a More Digital/Interconnected World - Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Session Chair: Arushi Verma, Madhumita Chakraborty

Does perception about crypto influencers impact investment intention?

Arushi Verma, Madhumita Chakraborty

Role of digital literacy in digital finance

Shumaila Fatima, Madhumita Chakraborty

Hazy Returns: Does air pollution affect cryptocurrencies?

Anirudh Singh, Madhumita Chakraborty

Session A11: 

Session Chair: Riya Singla, Vivek Singh, Madhumita Chakraborty

Security Analysts and Salience Effect: Empirical Evidence

Riya Singla, Vivek Singh, Madhumita Chakraborty

Bank Runs and Media Freedom: What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You?

Maria Semenova

Effects of Information Overload on Financial Markets: How Much Is Too Much?

Alejandro Bernales, Marcela Valenzuela, Ilknur Zer

Inflation expectation and capital structure: The role of firm-specific risk

Rahul Kumar, D. Tripati Rao

Session A12: Portfolio Flows, Portfolio Performance, Asset Allocation, and Foreign Direct Investment

Session Chair: Vladimir Sokolov

Network Effects of Portfolio Rebalancing by Global Bond Funds

Vladimir Sokolov

Mispricing Revealed Through the Information Ratio

Mehran Azimi

Optimal Consumption and Dynamic Portfolio Selection under Market Liquidity

Hamza El Khalloufi, Constantin Mellios

Do green assets enhance portfolio optimization? A multi-horizon investing perspective

Dongna Zhang

Session A13: 

Session Chair: Felix Miebs

An averaging framework for minimum-variance portfolios: Optimal rules for combining portfolio weights

Felix Miebs

Optimal Currency Portfolios: Do Characteristics Matter?

A.Hedieh Shahini

An Axiomatization of the Pairwise Netting Proportional Rule in Financial Networks

Péter Csóka, P. Jean-Jacques Herings

Systemic Analysis: A Method To Show How Funds Flow Through Financial Systems

Juliaan Bol

Session A14: 

Session Chair: Qiang Kang

Does Climate-Related Information in Stock Price Affect Firm Investment?

Qiang Kang

It only works if you believe in it: how climate change awareness affects the effectiveness of energy initiatives

Donatella Baiardi, Enrico Cristofoletti, Mario Menegatti

Global Business Sentiment and Climate Change

Ali M. Parhizgari, M. Hashemi Joo, E. O. Acheampong

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