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31st Annual Global Finance Conference Program


Thursday 20th of June 2024

Session C36: 

Session Chair: Marcos Velazquez, Magdalena Viktora-Jones

The Role of Future Tense Languages in Capital Expenditure Investment

Marcos Velazquez, Magdalena Viktora-Jones

Investing in Polarized America: Real Economic Effects of Political Polarization

Qiaoqiao Zhu

Effects of National Governance Quality on Corporate Investment Efficiency: Evidence from Emerging Market

Akash Singh Yadav, Inder Sekhar Yadav

Determinants of telebanking success: the role of bank-customer relationship data in selling personal loans and Credit Protection Insurance

Stefano Cosma, Luca Gambarelli, Daniela Pennetta, Alessandro Carlino

Session C37: 

Session Chair: Federico Nardari, Qi Zeng

Investing in International Mutual Funds

Federico Nardari, Qi Zeng

Males grasp losers, youngsters sell swiftly: an empirical case of Belgian retail investors

Bok min choi, Kristien Smedts

The Recent Depreciation of Bangladesh Currency – Can Fundamentals Explain it?

Monzurul Hoque, Hamid Mohammadi, Md. Habibur Rahman, Md. Nur-E-Alom Siddique

How Do Political Preferences Shape Retail Investors’ Decisions Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Market

Weng Ian Hoi

Session C38

Session Chair: Rebecca De Simone, Lakshmi Naaraayanan, Kunal Sachdeva

Opening the Brown Box: Production Responses to Environmental Regulation

Rebecca De Simone, Lakshmi Naaraayanan, Kunal Sachdeva

How Green and Effective is China’s Development Finance? Environmental and Growth Effects in Africa

Michael Frenkel, Leoni Mendler

Economic Competitiveness of Green Hydrogen: A Project-Level Analysis

Felix Weissensteiner

Can Money Grow Greener? Investigating the Link Between Government Spending and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in South Asia

Abhaya Pandey, Dilip Kumar

Session C39

Session Chair: Elisa Ughetto

The impact of venture capital financing on the growth patterns of green companies

Elisa Ughetto

Green Density and Spillover Effects on Earnings Management

Hugo Benedetti, Mohammad Karim, Sayan Sarkar, Andrew Spieler

Hedging strategies using green financial instruments

Nikolaos Papanikolaou, Pei (Jose) Liu, Congjing Song

Sustainability Preferences of Talented Employees

Ioannis Branikas, Briana Chang, Harrison Hong, Nan Li

Session C40: Greenwashing

Session Chair: Valentina Lagasio

Measuring Greenwashing: the Greenwashing Severity Index

Valentina Lagasio

A Model of Greenwashing 

Ali Fatemi, Iraj Fooladi, Gregory Hebb

Does Search Engine Visibility Help ETFs Attract Flows?

Olga Obizhaeva

Greenwashing, Climate Change Risk Perception, and Investment Intention

Helen Chiappini, Raja Nabeel-Ud-Din Jalal, Gianfranco Antonio Vento

Session C41: Entrepreneurship

Session Chair: Marilena Bredice, Riccardo Tipaldi, Michele Modina, Carmen Gallucci

Entrepreneurial Finance for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Clusters, Districts and Networks: A Bibliometric Analysis

Marilena Bredice, Riccardo Tipaldi, Michele Modina, Carmen Gallucci

Family Leave Policies and Entrepreneurship Across the World

Anastassia Vilderson

Individual Entrepreneurial Orientation and CATA: Validation of a Measurement Tool in the Context of Microentrepreneurs in Colombia

Rita Biswas, Luz Magdalena Salas, William Wales

In labels we trust? The influence of sustainability labels in mutual fund flows

Sofia Brito-Ramos, Céu Cortez, Svetoslav COVACHEV, Florinda Silva

Session C42

Session Chair: Tony Kang, Michael Wolfe

Public Debt and Information Quality

Tony Kang, Michael Wolfe

Unravelling the Impact of Corporate Tax Avoidance and Disclosure Tone on the Cost of Debt

Pushpanjali Raj, Abhijeet Chandra

Subordinate Board Structure, Financial Reporting Quality and Executive Director Compensation: Evidence from UK and EU Public Listed Companies

Adrian C.H. Lei, Ruidong Hou

Efficacy of Central Bank’s Efforts at Achieving Transparency: Evidence from Mexico

Anoop Rai, Rama Seth

Session C43: 

Session Chair: Saif Ullah

When corporations become citizens: Exploring the relationship between lobbying, controversial social legislation, and financial performance

Saif Ullah

Delinquent Insider Trade Reporting and Corporate Misconduct

Brandon Cline, Caleb Houston, Junnatun Naym

Corporate social responsibility, related party transaction and earnings management: Evidence from India

Rohan Kumar Mishra, Frank Obenpong Kwabi, Abhijeet Chandra

Session C44: 

Session Chair: Nilanjan Basu, Garabed Berberian, Parianen Veeren

Shareholder litigation and anti-takeover provisions

Nilanjan Basu, Garabed Berberian, Parianen Veeren

Does Vote Trading Improve Voting Outcome?

Nirmol Das, Sailendra Mishra, Konstantin Sokolov

Does Mobile phone proficiency contribute to stock market participation?

Shumaila Fatima, Madhumita Chakraborty

X Bots and Earnings Announcements

Jan Hanousek, Jan Hanousek, Konstantin Sokolov

Session C45: 

Session Chair: Danqing Young, Lawrence (Hong) Huang

Labor Market–Based Information Transfer

Danqing Young, Lawrence (Hong) Huang

Do Tax Havens Affect the Usage of Share Buybacks Schemes? The Case of U.S. Multinational Companies.

Alessandro Chiari, Grant Richardson

Suppliers, Investors, and Equity Market Liberalizations

Martin Strieborny

Ambiguous Investor Sentiment

Moritz Wagner, Xiaopeng Wei

Session C46: 

Session Chair: ZHAOYANG GU, RUBIN HAO, Jing Xue, Chunqiu Zhang

Analysts’ Legal Records, Opportunism, and Career Consequences

ZHAOYANG GU, RUBIN HAO, Jing Xue, Chunqiu Zhang

Can the international diversification benefits be achieved domestically? A U.S. Perspective

Madhusudan Karmakar, Jyoti Garg

Goodwill Impairment in Chinese Mergers and Acquisitions: An Analysis of Economic Indicators, Performance Commitments, and Market Responses

Yue Liu, Dan Palmon

Does board diversity have an impact on the discount anomaly?

Samirah Jugoo, Nitin Deshmukh

Session C47: 

Session Chair: Tianxi Wang, Angelica Gonzalez, Vathunyoo Sila

Actions after Experiences: CEO Abnormal Climate Exposure and Corporate Carbon Reduction

Tianxi Wang, Angelica Gonzalez, Vathunyoo Sila

Natural disasters, ESG, and earnings opacity: Evidence from the US

Andi Duqi, Aziz Jaafar, Chrysovalantis Vasilakis

Public Attention and the Performance of Sustainable Investment

Jenjang Sri Lestari, Michael Frömmel, Edwin Baidoo

Attributes of green ETFs and investor behaviour

Rim Laksaci, Bertrand Candelon, Jean-Baptiste Hasse 

Session C48: 

Session Chair: Maria Leone, Alberto Manelli, Roberta Pace

The Russia-Ukraine conflict and the stock market: dependencies and spillovers

Maria Leone, Alberto Manelli, Roberta Pace

Stock market fluctuations and employee health: Evidence from taxi trips to hospitals in New York City

Gabriele Lepori, Larisa Yarovaya

Do target firms tactically refer takeovers for legal review? Evidence from the Australian Takeovers Panel

Martin Bugeja, Anna Bedford, Helen Spiropoulos, Kristina Vojvoda

Antitrust and LIE: The Impact of Competition on International Labor Investment Efficiency

Erik Devos, Yoonsoo Nam, Adrian Tippit

Session C49: 

Session Chair: Eric Duca

Evidence on capital structure theories from the firm’s lifecycle

Eric Duca

Venture capital valuation and industry dynamics

Haritha Veeramanickathadathil Hari, Vinay Patel, Scott Walker, Krishna Prasanna P

Social Capital and Fintech Credit Adoption

Mohammad Hashemi Joo, Yuka Nishikawa, Krishnan Dandapani

Determinants of Venture Investment in Emerging Markets

Adam Welker, Helper Zhou

Session C50: 

Session Chair: Arina Wischnewsky

Nearly Cashless: Digital Transformation or \Cultural Transmission?

Arina Wischnewsky

The euro as a world currency - the perspective of potential users of the digital euro Readiness to use the digital euro and the perception of the euro as a world currency - the perspective of potential users of the digital euro from France and Germany

Robert Huterski, Agnieszka Huterska

A Global Comparison of Credit Bureaus based on Data Utilization in Credit Scoring

Ralf Wandmacher, Yvonne Thorhauer, Christian Sturm

Unlocking Banking Potential: The Digital Payment Paradigm

Priya Choudhary, M. Thenmozhi, R Shruti

Session C51: 

Session Chair: Kumari Pushplata, Abhijeet Chandra

Political Connectedness and Earnings Management

Kumari Pushplata, Abhijeet Chandra

Momentum and Fundamentals

Hilal Butt, Mohsin Sadaqat


Escaping Pay-for-Performance

Joseph Kalmenovitz, Jason Chen, Jakub Hajda

Session C52: 

Session Chair: Gustavo Domeneghetti, Perla Rebehy

Systematic valuation of brazilian financial assets

Gustavo Domeneghetti, Perla Rebehy

Moving Targets

Lauren Cohen, Quoc Nguyen

Two Tales of Dividends and Future Earnings: Evidence from Machine Learning Models

Hamed Ghanbari

Session C53: 

Session Chair: Saeed Sheykhi, Dennis Bams, Annelies Renders

Employee Satisfaction and Organizational Performance: A Consideration of Blue- and White-Collar Employees

Saeed Sheykhi, Dennis Bams, Annelies Renders

Early Labour Market Outcomes of War Immigrant Households: Local Insights into the Nature of Mass Migration

Katarzyna Kochaniak, Agnieszka Huterska


Do gender priorities explain gender gaps in financial well-being?

Renata Herrerias, Maria Merino

Session C54: 

Session Chair: Darshana Palkar, Antonio Figueiredo

IPO Underpricing and Cyberattacks on Industry Peer Firms

Darshana Palkar, Antonio Figueiredo

Can an under-priced IPO be overvalued?

Sushobhan Paul, Debarati Basu


The Flattening Demand Curves

Alireza Aghaee Shahrbabaki

Session C55: 

Session Chair: Merve Meric Yilmaz, Evrim Akdogu, Serif Aziz Simsir

Post-AIA Innovation Acquisition: A Race to the Patent Office or a Race to Acquire Patents?

Merve Meric Yilmaz, Evrim Akdogu, Serif Aziz Simsir

On the role of affiliated brokerage houses in disseminating private information around M&A deals

Murat Tiniç, Basak Tanyeri-Gunsur


The role of market discipline and macroprudential policies in achieving bank stability

Tiago Matos, João Teixeira, Tiago Dutra

Households with Adjustable-Rate Mortgages: Financial Vulnerability in Times of Increasing Market Interest Rates

Katarzyna Kochaniak, Agnieszka Huterska

Session C56: 

Session Chair: Harold Rodriguez, Jefferson Colombo

Is bitcoin an inflation hedge?

Harold Rodriguez, Jefferson Colombo

Can oil and gas together hedge agricultural commodities? The evidence from European markets

Krzysztof Echaust, Małgorzata Just, Agata Kliber


Identifying the TIPS liquidity premium and inflation expectations

Francesco Brunamonti

Passive and proactive motivations of cash holdings

Ryosuke Fujitani, Masazumi Hattori, Tomohide Mineyama

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