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2018 Global Finance Conference - Paris, France

25th Annual GFC

Conference Program

Conference Schedule

The Global Finance Association and the ESSCA School of Management, Paris, France are pleased to announce the 25th Global Finance Conference in Paris, France, July 3-5, 2018.

Papers/proposals in the following categories are solicited:​

  1. Competitive Papers: Complete paper submitted by deadline; (for Best Paper Awards).

  2. Work-in-Progress: Abstract submitted by the deadline; paper is to be completed by Conference date.

  3. Proposal for Panel, Workshop, Tutorial.

  4. Doctoral Students Papers: One of the top awards is for this category.

Please submit your paper/proposal electronically via the Global Finance Conference website. The first page of your paper/proposal shall contain the title, track identification number (see conference topics below) and authors’ names, affiliation, address, e-mail, phone, and fax numbers. The body of the paper shall not have any author’s identification and must begin with the paper title and abstract.

All entries will be refereed. Authors of accepted papers may submit a two-page detailed abstract for the 2018 GFC e-Proceedings. The top six (6) papers presented at the Conference will be awarded on a competitive basis and considered for publication in a Special Issue of the Global Finance Journal.


Waël Louhichi

Professor & Chair, Finance Department ESSCA School of Management Paris, France

Manuchehr Shahrokhi Professor & Executive Director Global Finance Association – Conference

Fresno, CA, USA

Paper Topics

  1. Accounting/Auditing Issues and Taxation

  2. Asset Allocation/Sovereign Funds/Hedge Funds/ETFs/SWFs

  3. Banking & Financial Services/Investment Banking

  4. BRICS, MIST, MINT, NEXT 11, PIIGS, SANE and Emerging Markets

  5. Corporate Governance/Executive Compensation & Economic/Financial Inequality

  6. Cyber Security and Global Finance & Banking

  7. Derivatives/Financial Engineering

  8. Efficiency/Behavior/Valuation/Pricing

  9. E-Finance/M-Finance/ Digital Money/Bitcoin -Blockchain, E-Learning– Best Practices

  10. Entrepreneurship/Venture Capital

  11. Financial Markets integration/Linkages/Segmentation

  12. Foreign Currency Issues – Monetary Economics

  13. Global Financial Crises, Imbalances

  14. Interest-Free - Islamic Finance/Banking

  15. IPOs/SEOS/Stock buybacks/Privatization - Crowdfunding

  16. Mergers and Acquisitions/Corporate and State SWFs

  17. Portfolio Flows and Foreign Direct Investment

  18. Risk/Debt Issues/Insurance/Reinsurance

  19. Real Estate Finance /REITs, Crowdfunding, International RE & Alternative

  20. Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibilities, and Ethics

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