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2024 E-Proceedings

We hope you had an enjoyable and productive experience during the GFC-2024 conference.  We also hope that your discussant’s feedback has led to improvements in your paper.


The purpose of this email is to invite you to submit an extended abstract of your paper for publication in the GFC-2024 E-Proceedings.  


The procedure adopted below is to avoid potential copyright and related challenges if you desire to submit your paper for publication in journals at a later time.


Submission Procedure:


  1. Inclusion in E-Proceedings is voluntary.  If you are not interested, you may stop reading the rest of this communication.

  2. Inclusion in the E-Proceedings is limited only to the papers that were included in the GFC-2024 Program.  If your paper did not make it into the Program, please do not submit it.  It will be discarded. 

  3. Please submit an extended abstract, not to exceed two pages of your paper by XXXX to YYYY via GFC website: .  Please do not email your extended abstract to us.

  4. Please note the above due date and the following requirements are strictly enforced.  Lack of compliance will result in disregarding the submission altogether.  These are necessary to ensure the design and quality of the E-Proceedings

  5. Your extended abstract should strictly comply with the following:

    • Maximum two pages, including all tables, footnotes, references, acknowledgements, and fundings, if any.

    • Page format should follow:  12 font size, Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing, and margin spacing of one inch all around (top, bottom, left, and right).

    • Figures and tables may be included but they will be counted towards the two-page limit. 

    • File type should be “unlocked” PDF.  

    • The extended abstract should start with the title of the paper (centered), followed by authors, affiliations, and emails.  Each author-affiliation-email should NOT extend beyond one line, and the entire combined contents of one line per each author should also be centralized.  Please abbreviate if necessary, or use only your university name (drop colleagues, subdivisions, etc.).  

    • Drop all titles, such as Mr., MS., Prof., Dr., etc.  If you are a PhD, you may add PhD at the end of your name. 

    • Reference citations in the text and the style in the list of references should follow the style employed by Global Finance Journal.   See:

    • GFC will neither edit nor accept requests for any changes in the contents, or authorship, or order of authors after the submission is made.  The extended abstract is yours and the E-Proceedings will fully reflect your work.

  6. Please note again that lack of compliance with the above requirements will result in exclusion from the E-Proceedings.


We look forward to receiving your submissions by XXXX via the above link .

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