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1. CEO Pet Projects

 Paul Decaire, W.P., Arizona State University,

 Denis Sosyura, Arizona State University


2. Agency Costs, Business Cycles, and Equity Prices

  Adelphe Ekponon, University of Liverpool, Management School;


3. The Effect of Extreme Weather on Suppliers’ Financial Transparency: The Need for Greater Disclosure

  Jocelyn Evans, School of Business, College of Charleston; 


4. CEO happiness and forecasting

   Karel Hrazdil, Simon Fraser University,

   Xin LI, Simon Fraser University, B.C. CANADA

   Nattavut Suwanyangyuan, Brock University, CANADA


5. Active Mutual Funds: Beware of Smart Beta ETFs!

   Thanh Dat Le, Auburn University


6. Determinants of non-compliant equity funds with EU portfolio concentration limits

    Luis Vicente, University of Zaragoza

    Lidia Loban, University of Zaragoza

    Jose Luis Sarto, University of Zaragoza

7. Fourier State-Space Model of Market Liquidity: The Chinese Experience 2009-2010

              Peter Lerner, Anglo-American University, Prague,

8. Does Family Matter? Venture Capital Cross-fund Cash Flows 

    Huizhu Sun, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

    Roman Kraussl, University of Luxemborg

    Kalle Rinne, University of Luxembourg and Mandatum Life

9. Capital Reallocation Under Political Uncertainty

    Daniel Tut,  Ted Rogers School of Management- Ryerson University

    Melanie Cao, Schulich School of Business- York University

10. Unconventional monetary policy and the behavior of shorts 

   Christopher Neely, FRB St. Louis

   Thomas McInish, University of Memphis     

   Jade Planchon, Rhodes College

11. Who Invests in and What Drives Equity Ownership Around the World

   Ines Chaieb, University of Geneva and SFI, 

   Vihang Errunza, McGill University

   Yiliu Lu, McGill University

12.  The Cost of Complying with Higher Capital Requirements for Chinese Commercial Banks: A Perspective of the Shadow Cost

  Mingquan Zhou, University of Auckland

13. The impact of the Shanghai-Hong Kong stock market connection on corporate innovation: Evidence from mainland China

  Guanming He,  Durham University,  

  Xiaorong Li, Central University of Finance and Economics,

  Jingbo Luo, Lanzhou University



Stock price crash risk: A critique of the Agency Theory

Marina Magidou, Cyprus University of Technology

Panayiotis C, Cyprus University,

Neophytos Lambertides, Durham University

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